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Home Entertainment Systems Canterbury provide a full range of audio visual services for residential & commercial projects. We specialise in home automation and home automation control systems, home theatre, multi room audio, home networking and HD video distribution systems.

We can design, supply and install a wide range of audio visual products and services from basic home theatre systems right through to custom design & build solutions and pre wiring of new home builds. Home Entertainment Systems service the entire Canterbury region from North Canterbury, through Christchurch, right down to South Canterbury & Timaru.

Home Entertainment Systems Audio Visual Services

Home Entertainment Systems

Home Automation

RTI home automation control systems provide full control of your home’s devices at your fingertips via a customised touch panel interface or and all in one remote control.

RTI Control Systems

Home automation products and sensors can be installed to monitor the status of desired technologies and automated on a schedule or follow pre determined rules for the ultimate convenience.

Home Theatre Systems

We have a huge range of audio/visual equipment available to suit any space. Anything from a basic improvement of todays televisions poor audio output to the latest multi channel digital surround sound technology. We can give you the look, sound, connectivity and performance you desire.

Wireless Multiroom Audio

We can do anything from a 2 zone solution to over 64 zones. These systems can be designed for low level background music right up to high power systems for those who like their music loud. Zones can be used independently with audio from different sources by multiple users concurrently.

Residential & Commercial Networking

High Speed wired and wireless networking to suit all network devices. Wireless or WIFI can be distributed around the building and outside for full coverage with no dead spots.

Pre Wiring Your Home

We understand what is required to pre wire your new home or renovation to the latest standards. Installing the wrong cables or inadequate quantities can be a costly mistake, conversely putting in too many can be a waste of money. Once we know the equipment and your individual requirements we can specify what you will need.

Design & Installation

On our initial consultation we will go through your plans room by room to find out your requirements. From there we can design, quote, supply and install a scratch built system to your exact requirements. We can also integrate your existing equipment if it will be fit for the purpose.

Smart Home Automation Systems

Home automation systems are the latest thing in home design right now. Smart home devices, sensors and gadgets have been hugely popular over the past few years, and with big names like Apple, Google, GE and Microsoft right in the thick of it, you can be sure that it is going to stick around.

All that action adds up to a rapidly growing number of smart home devices in the internet of things, along with a variety of home automation control systems competing to control them all.

Smart Home Control Systems

From home theatre systems to state of the art home automation, home control systems are essentially the interface to control all of the automation in you home that fill your world with music, movement and light.

Technology that used to complicate, now delights, and compliments your life in ways you never thought possible. Home control systems are where devices function and adapt to your needs, rather than the other way around and a world of pleasures can be summoned instantly, effortlessly, and with a simple touch.

Home Theatre Systems

If you have been dreaming about watching movies on your very own home theatre system with surround sound, then look no further. Home Entertainment Systems provide home theatre system design & installation services for our clients right across the Canterbury region.

We can provide solutions for a basic home cinema systems installed in existing homes, right up to fully integrated home theatre systems for new home builds.

Multiroom Audio

Your favourite music can now be easily distributed to multiple rooms and entertaining areas throughout your home. Each area in your home is defined as a zone and each zone can be operated independently from each other by multiple users concurrently.

With music streaming services as popular as ever such as Spotify, each user can have their own stream so everyone can listen to their favourite music in any room at the same time without compromise.

Home Networking Solutions

A home networking system is a type of local computer network that facilitates communication among devices within the home.

Devices capable of using in your home network, such as your smart phone, tablet and home automation control systems can be used to increase the enjoyment inside the home in a variety of ways, such as automation of repetitious tasks, increased personal productivity, enhanced home security, and easier access to your home entertainment systems.

Video Distribution

Home Entertainment Systems provide complete home video distribution services so you can enjoy high quality HD video in any room in your house from multiple sources.

HD Video Distribution is a scalable video distribution solution enabling the design of multi display systems and sources at whatever resolution you desire. The kids can be watching their favourite movie in one room while you relax in your lounge watching yours, or stream the live sports in your outdoor entertainment area all at the same time.

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Home Entertainment Systems are experts at residential audio visual supply and installation. Our beautifully crafted designs are packed with the latest technology to deliver the best audio experience and every project is tailored to suit each clients specific entertainment needs.


Home Entertainment Systems provide audio visual design, supply and installation services for commercial projects such as Cafes, Bars, Restaurants, Schools, Community groups and more. We also have extensive knowledge in audio, communication and video distribution design and installation.


Setting up an office, boardroom or corporate headquarters requires precise planning and execution to ensure reliable and efficient audio visual communications now and in the future. Home Entertainment Systems will ensure your project uses the right products and function as you would expect.